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Camp Northward's mission is to encourage, strengthen, and equip individuals for personal growth and a relationship with Jesus Christ. One way we are fulfilling this mission is by helping youth spread the Good News of Jesus Christ both at home and around the globe. We are empowering youth with resources and opportunities to GO, just like Jesus calls us to in Matthew 28:18-20!

We are excited to offer a MISSION TRIP in June of 2024!



The dates will be June 19-26, 2024


The Dominican Republic. Specifically, the Michel Marte Ministries. Is it safe? Yes! In general, the political climate is very safe in the Dominican Republic right now. And specifically, participants will be staying in a walled compound with dorms, bathrooms, showers, fans, a kitchen and eating area, and even a basketball court.

Who can go?

Any youth going INTO high school and up to 2 years of college is invited.

What will we be doing?

Participants will be engaging in a variety of work and fun that will encourage the churches, connect with youth and children in the name of Jesus, TRANSORM the participant, and FULLFILL the GREAT COMMISION! Activities will include facilitating Vacation Bible Schools and sports camps, painting, mixing concrete for floors, cleaning yards, and even hammering some walls in place. But there will be fun, too. There will be a beach day, ballgames, time at a swimming pool, etc.


Who is leading?

This trip will be led by Larry Travis. Having lead over 70 mission trips, Larry is experienced, qualified, and trustworthy. Currently he serves as the minister at Powersville Christian Church and as a professor at NKU.

How much will it cost?

Well, it depends on what you mean.


Financially it will only cost $1,500 per person. This includes airfare, housing, food, transportation, airport food, and ice cream! It DOES NOT include the cost of your passport or any gifts you would like to buy.

However, there is more to consider than the finances. This trip will cost you time, of course. This trip will cost you energy (and, let's be honest, probably sleep). But most importantly, this trip will cost you your perspective of yourself, God, and life in general. What you find important right now will probably not be so important after this trip. You will be challenged physically and spiritually, and it will cost you.

What is my next step?

If you are a youth interested in going you might have some more questions. If you are a parent of a youth interested in going you CERTAINLY have more questions (Money? Fundraising? Passport? Airports? Customs?) For even more information and a chance to talk with the leader, Larry Travis, fill out the form below. By filling out the form, you are NOT registering or committing, you are simply letting us know that you are interested in knowing more. In the next month or so we will be setting up a virtual meeting with Larry Travis and all those who would like to know more are invited to attend. Once you fill out the form below we will reach out to you with more details.

Show Your Interest

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