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The Lake

Activities at Camp Northward's lake include canoeing, paddle boating and catch and release fishing.

Life jackets are a must!



The archery range is one of Camp Northward's newer activity sites. Channel your inner warrior and learn the skills of flexibility and focus.


Zip Line

Camp Northward's zip line is 800 feet long and three stories high. It's an excellent opportunity to teach campers how to let go of their fears and enjoy the ride!


Camp Northward's campus is continually changing and growing! Here are some of the activities we offer on our property. While no one session will do all of these activities, each session will include at least a few of them. Want to try everything? It's a great reason to keep coming back.


Treehouse Adventures

For campers who want a more rustic and simple camping experience, Treehouse Adventures is a good fit. Grow closer to God while exploring and celebrating his creation. Stay in a tree house, hike, cook over a fire and more.

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Camp sessions can include hiking in our woods, or they can include off site hiking at a park or natural site, such as Mammoth Cave (pictured above). Some sessions that include off-site hiking are Treehouse Adventures & New Horizons.


Biblical Studies

All summer sessions include elements of Biblical learning as age appropriate and provide a strong spiritual foundation for campers. Bring a Bible, bring a journal and bring an open attitude. You never know what will happen.

Additional Activities


Gaga Ball Pit


Basketball Court

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Water Slide


Carpetball Tables


Nine Square

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