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Deans & Faculty

Faculty Registration Process

Faculty Registration 2024.png

We are so excited that you are interested in serving as faculty next summer! Camp Northward could not run without our volunteers. Here are the steps you will take to become a faculty member.

Find a session/Dean. Figure out which age group you would like to work with. Identify who is leading that group and contact that Dean to have a conversation about serving. If you are interested in working with a particular group but don't know the Dean, contact us and we will be happy to connect you.


Registration. Once you have approval from your session's Dean, you will register as faculty using this link

Background check: once a faculty member fills out the registration form, the camp office will receive and review it. If a faculty member is already in the system, office staff will see if there is a current background check on file. If there is not a background check, the faculty member will receive a link to activate one. 

Safety Training Videos: once a faculty member submits their registration they will also receive a link from the camp office staff to complete a short series of training videos. There are six of these modules that last approximately 10 minutes a piece. All faculty are required to view the modules and answer the accompanying questions in order to be in compliance with camp safety regulations.

For new faculty only: all new faculty members are subject to Trustee approval before serving. If you are a new faculty member and you find any steps in this process confusing, or if you are not sure who to contact about your session, please do not hesitate to contact the camp office for assistance.

Once all the above is complete, a faculty member is ready to serve!

Need Help?

We've got a video tutorial for you, available here and through our Camp Northward YouTube channel.


Jr. Faculty

Serving as a Jr. Faculty member is an opportunity we extend to those entering 10th grade through 19 years of age. 

Jr. Fac

We love having younger adults helping out at camp! Our junior faculty members bring an energy to campus that we are grateful to have. Here is what you need to know about serving as a Jr. Faculty member at Camp Northward.

  • Jr. Faculty conversations need to start with the Dean. The Dean is ultimately responsible for these younger faculty members, so the Dean needs to approve junior faculty members for their session prior to registration. This is also important because there is a cap on how many junior faculty may serve at any given session.

  • The Dean will contact the camp office directly about potential Jr. Faculty members for their session.

  • Jr. Faculty may serve campers 6th grade and younger.

Junior Faculty Training Retreat

Overnight training will take place March 15-16 at the camp. Please click the button below to sign up!

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