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Get Involved

Are you ready to become part of the Camp Northward family? We would love to have you! The easiest way to start is to use the form below to subscribe to our news and updates.

 Below, we have information about summer staffing, volunteer opportunities, jobs, camp scholarships and more.


Serve at Camp!

Are you interested in helping for the summer? This is the place to start. Here you will find information about becoming a dean, faculty member, junior faculty or any other role specifically related to the summer season.


Give Back

Maybe you're not a "regular camp" person. That's okay! There are many other ways that you can help make a difference in someone's life through Camp Northward. Find volunteer opportunities here.


Employment Opportunities

Are you ready for the best job of your life? Join our staff!
Find current job listings here.



Donations specifically to our camp scholarship funds can be the difference between a child having the opportunity to attend camp or not. If you are interested in sending someone to Camp Northward who might otherwise not have the chance, click the "donate" button to give today. 


Trying to apply for a scholarship? Click here.

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