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Camp Rentals

Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in a treehouse? Maybe you wish to host a team-building seminar somewhere affordable. Or maybe you are a moderately-sized church group looking for a reasonable location to host a weekend retreat complete with hiking trails. Camp Northward offers all this and more. 

Whoever you are: stay with us. There's room.

"I Want to Rent Your Facility"

Fantastic! Welcome, friend! You will need to review our camp policies for renting. We are a Christian organization and operate as such on Biblical principles. Please take some time to review the materials and then fill out the application. All of this is included in our rental packet below.

You can submit your completed application here when you are done.

Pricing Basics


Camp Rental FAQs

On & Off Season

What counts as "off-season" or "on-season"?

The summer camp season at Camp Northward is officially the months of June & July. We have to carefully consider rentals within that window to avoid conflict with camper sessions as well as to ensure we have the staff available for cleanup and preparation of the campus for a rental. 

Kitchen & Food Prep

What is the food situation for rentals?

Camp Northward does not currently have a kitchen. This is a high-priority item that we are saving for as aggressively as possible via our "10,000 Reasons" capital campaign. 

For renters, food will need to be brought in. One method is to provide your own food for your group. Serving out of crockpots in the Pavilion is one good method. Renters have access to a small stove and a microwave as well as refrigerators in Cedar Lodge. Finally, camp has relationships with a few local caterers. Catering can be brought in if scheduled ahead of time. Pizza delivery is also an option.

For a list of catering options, please contact us.

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