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Our Campus

Camp Northward officially moved in 2018 to our current
90-acre campus. Here is a brief guide to this space.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is our primary multipurpose building. It is the center of camp life most days: it's where worship takes place, lessons are done and crafts are made. Campers answer mail call and do devos here. Finally, it's where regular session campers eat all their meals.

Oh, did we mention there are carpetball tables?

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Cedar Lodge_edited.jpg

Cedar Lodge

Cedar Lodge is our main dormitory area. Located a short walk from the Pavilion (and accessible via the main road or a scenic walk over a bridge in the woods), this dorm has an upper and lower floor. Each floor has two separate sleeping quarters, with restrooms alongside them and a living space in the middle. Each floor has 28 beds, with 56 beds total for this lodge. This building has heat and air conditioning.

Treehouse Village

Arguably the most unique space on our campus, the Treehouse Village allows campers the chance to experience a rustic atmosphere and simple pleasures such as cooking over a campfire and learning more about the woods. Each treehouse has eight bunks. There are four treehouses for a total of 32 bunks. There is a multipurpose space located in the middle of this platform for lessons, worship and more.

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We have four campfire areas currently on our campus: one out on the ridge, open and wide enough to witness the sunset on the hill. We have a "main" campfire area which is special needs/wheelchair accessible located next to our playground. We have a campfire area down a small trail into the woods. Finally, we have a campfire area in the middle of Treehouse Village. That campfire area is used for cooking and worship.

Rain in the forecast? No problem. Deans of regular camp sessions can also hold campfire by the fireplace in the Pavilion. 


Our Day Campers' favorite space. The playground is located between the Pavilion area and Cedar Lodge. This wood playset has swings, bridges, a tire swing and a slide. Your little ones will love it! 

Playground - Slide.jpg

Team Building

This is one of the most flexible areas on our campsite. After a brief hike in our woods, visitors will arrive in a clearing where we have a series of team building structures set up. There are a series of obstacles for teamwork and interpersonal connection exercises.

If you'd like to learn more or book a session, just ask! We don't want to give all our secrets away here.


The offices may not be glamorous, but it is helpful to know where they are! Our main office is located immediately outside the Pavilion. This is where our full time staff work. Behind the main office is the Nurse's quarters. Our camp nurse uses this space to take care of the campers during the summer season.

We are hopeful to expand the campus in the future with the addition of a permanent office area for staff in our new Kitchen & Office Addition that will be added to the Pavilion.

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