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About this Session

Paintball will be a stand-alone session for campers in 7th - 12th grade. This Friday/Saturday overnight session will include paintball sessions as well as worship, lessons, and campfire. All paintball equipment will be provided.  

There are limited spots available for this session (20), so sign up quickly to guarantee a spot!


What You Can Expect at Paintball 

You can expect all the same activities and session scheduling as a regular week of Senior High (see its page for more info)...just with paintball as an added bonus!

About Your Dean: Nathan Shelton


My name is Nathan Shelton and I am the Youth Minister at Sherman Church of Christ. I am married to my lovely wife Alexandra and we love ministering to Christ’s bride. I love Camp Northward so much because of the impact it has made on me. I believe intentionally is where Camp Northward shines. Paintball is a sport that thrives on intentionally moving your team in a way to win the match. This year as we safely “Light it up” with paintballs we are going to figure out how to light up Jesus above everything else in our life.

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