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June 25 - 30, 2023

About this Session

*New Session 2023!*

This "subsection" is a session of Senior High camp. Campers signed up for this section will participate in all the same activities as a regular week of Senior High, but will break off from the bigger group to compete on a paintball team during recreation time.  

There are limited spots available for this session (10), so sign up quickly to guarantee a spot!

Pricing Tiers
Early Bird: $280 through May 15 | Regular: $290 through June 16 | Late: $300 through June 22

What You Can Expect at Paintball 

You can expect all the same activities and session scheduling as a regular week of Senior High (see its page for more info)...just with paintball as an added bonus!


About Your Dean: Nathan Shelton

I am the Youth Minister at Sherman Church of Christ. I have a love for kids and for them to have the knowledge of Christ. I have been married for going on six years now. My wife and I have a passion for kids/teens and their walks with Christ.

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