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*Note: it was so wonderful having you all out for Summer 2022 with Camp Northward! We will be updating this section with 2023 info as soon as we are able. We can't wait to share another summer with you!*

Summer 2022

Camp Northward's theme this summer is GOAT:
Greatest of All Time.


Who is the greatest
Who do you worship?

Join Camp Northward as we explore the answers to these questions in each session. Your deans, faculty and staff will come alongside the campers as we seek truth the only place we know to be steady: God's Word.

Summer 2022 Theme Verse

"He must become greater; I must become less." 
John 3:30

Camp Schedule 2022


Missionary 2022

Our missionary this summer is Master Provisions! 

MP Pic.png

This summer, Master Provisions and Camp Northward are collaborating for missions. We aim to teach campers how to take a "knees down, hands-on" approach to helping others in a Christlike way. We want to teach them how even one dollar or one can of beans can make a huge difference.

Watch this video to learn a little more about who Master Provisions is and what they do. 

Master Provisions: Food Drive

We are trying to move away from campers bringing any cash with them to camp. First, there is the risk that they will lose the money; second, it creates a disparity between our campers who are able to bring extra cash and those who do not. This year, if you would like to give to missions, we ask that you consider bringing a food drive item. We will be collecting these for Master Provisions all summer and will donate them at the end of the summer season. Stay tuned to hear updated collection info! 

Master Provisions - Graphic 1.png
Master Provisions - Graphic 2.png

Here is a list of items Master Provisions requested:

  • Dried Onions

  • Cream of mushroom soup

  • Brown sugar

  • Baked or Sweet potatoes

  • Carrots

  • Canned corn

  • Canned green beans

  • Canned peas

  • Canned peaches

  • Canned pineapple 

  • Canned fruit cocktails 

  • Cranberry sauce 

  • Boxed stuffing

  • Gravy mix

  • Cake/dessert mix

  • Lemonade mix

  • Container of ground coffee or tea bags

  • Dinner rolls 

  • Disposable roasting pans

Master Provisions - Graphic 3.png

We will have a large box we are collecting these items in available in the Pavilion. Simply bring them with you to check-in and drop them in the box.

Thank you!

Post-Summer Update!

And that's a wrap on our summer mission! Thank you, Master Provisions, for all your hard work and the dedication of your team serving our campers this summer. Camp Northward dropped off a big trunkful of dry goods that campers raised throughout the summer (check out our Instagram to see the grocery haul). We also dropped off acheck.


Master Provisions, you all have something very special going on. We loved this collaboration. Remember: knees down, hands on!

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