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Congratulations! If you're on this page, it means you registered for Summer Camp 2024. We've got a host of projects that we're sponsoring right now.
Would you be willing to give to any of the following?

Giving Projects

If you would like to donate toward missions, here are the big three we are focusing on this summer.

Summer Missionary: Brett Seybold

Brett Seybold and his wife Heather served as missionaries in Germany for a decade. He has earned a PhD at Liberty University where his focus was Jesus and the post-Christian mindset while specifically highlighting skeptics’ inability to get rid of the Biblical portrait of Jesus. Brett has launched KAPOL (Kontakt Apologetics) which is a sub mission of Kontakt Mission, a non-denominational, European-based missions network and movement. His mission includes interviewing skeptics apologetically across Western Europe specifically the French, English, and German areas and to use speaking engagements internationally in churches, campus ministries, camps and more to help plant seeds and help churches get their non-believers and skeptics more curious about Jesus. Brett’s international apologetics YouTube channel is called KAPOL Kontakt Apologetics.


Offsetting Food Costs

We are catering all our meals at camp until we can construct a kitchen. As you might imagine, catering costs add up quickly. Would you like to help us offset some of the meal costs? A donation of $20 is welcome.

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10,000 Reasons Capital Campaign: Phase 2!

In our first year of fundraising, you all helped us raise over $100,000. This is amazing! We hope to begin the entrance grading and leveling portion of this campaign by the end of this year.

Want to help us keep moving forward on this project? Give through our campaign page today!

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