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Parent & Me

June 10-12

About this Session 

"Parent & Me" is one of the most unique sessions that Camp Northward will offer this summer. What makes this one so special? Well, it's a camp session for campers...and their family members. This session is a time for adults to work, learn and play alongside their campers. Together, families will work on devotions, put crafts together, complete small challenges and meet other families to uplift and encourage one another. 

Here at Camp Northward, we understand that every nuclear family looks a little different. We encourage grandparents, aunts/uncles, and other appropriate guardians to sign up with their child for this session.

About Your Dean: Doug Hartley 

Doug is the senior minister at Plum Creek Christian Church. He has spent many years at Christian camps, both as a camper and a leader. Doug and his wife Hohna have three children at home, and they're all looking forward to being at Camp Northward this summer.

Want to learn more about this session? Watch last year's recap videos, available on our camp YouTube channel.

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