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New Horizons - Females

June 7 - 10, 2023
Check-in: 1:00 p.m.  | Check-out: 6:00 p.m.

About this Session

This is a session for the true adventurers at heart. New Horizons officially launched in 2021 and is our only opportunity to go off campus for the entirety of the session. New Horizons campers will meet at Camp Northward, pack up their belongings together and then head to their destination. This year, that destination is Carter Caves State Park. David & Cheri, our deans for these session, are huge fans of adventuring outdoors, so you are sure to have some unique activities. To learn more about Carter Caves you can visit their website here.


At the end of the New Horizons session, campers will return to Camp Northward, where they will then pack up and head home. 

Last year's New Horizons group went to Cumberland Falls. Past NH session activities have included hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and more. Sound like you? Sign up today!

*Minimum Campers alert*: we need a minimum of six campers for a New Horizons session in order to cover costs. If the number of registered campers is under six, this session will be canceled. Thank you!

Pricing Tiers
Early Bird: $295 through May 15 | Regular: $305 through May 19 | Late: $325 by June 1

Trip Info

*We will update this section as Deans provide additional info.*

Waiver: Camper parents/guardians will need to sign a waiver for certain off-site activities before camper is fully registered for this session; if waiver is not signed prior to this group's departure, that camper will not be permitted to go with the group. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep our campers safe! 


What's New Horizons Like?

Want to learn more about this session? We didn't have a females-only NH session last year, but you can watch last year's "New Horizons - Males" recap video.

About Your Dean: Cheri Myers

Cheri has been a camp faculty member since 1986 and a camper since the mid-70s. If you want experience, Cheri is your guide. She has served many years with wilderness camping and also served as a work study.

Cheri is married to David Myers. Together, they are deaning the New Horizons session this year. David & Cheri have two children: Lydia and Jonathan. She is a member of Fairview Christian Church and works full time doing IT work for NKU. 

Cheri loves adventure. She is a hiker, kayaker, zip line facilitator, skier and is archery (NASP) certified. For all these reasons and many more, we trust Cheri wholeheartedly to lead a safe and informed off-site session.

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